Server Rules

These are THE RULES: 1) Players are allowed 4 accounts per IP/ **family** address. This will allow all players to play.  2) Treat each other, the server, and the game space you are in with respect. Treat these things as you would want to be treated.  3) In all things, refer to Rule #2.  4) Along with Rule #2, threats, stalking and such will not be permitted, and appropriate measures will be taken by the GMs. MrFalcon will  decide a consequence for the action perpetuated.  5) Glitches are fun when you find them. We ask that you do not abuse such glitches, keeping the game fun for all by remembering rule #2. At GM discretion we will warn, temporary block, remove items from inventories, and/or ban accounts as in appropriate actions with the offense taken by player. 6) Alts in PVP Events (unless otherwise stated) is against the rules and will be penalized with one week ban on the accounts in question. 7) Please speak English in World Chat.  8) Have Fun! Isn't that what games are for?**Familiy** with more then one player may contact a GM'S,Let them know how many play in household. (additanal ip's will  be added.)