Welcome Heroes
Status: Online

The bonus shop has been stopped for the time being,will be adding an removing few things here an there.                                                               

Autor: Admin 3/13/2019

This is the link to our discord channel.Come join us an chat .https://discord.gg/yBvmTgP     To stop confusion and frustration, we ask that you use your GAME NAME on discord. Thanks!!Your Allegian

Autor: Admin 2/28/2019

These are THE RULES: 1) Players are allowed 4 accounts per IP/ **family** address. This will allow all players to play.  2) Treat each other, the server, and the game space you are in with respe

Autor: Admin 2/27/2019

Max lvl 150, max culti, boss drops for charts and engaves, challenging events, and more. Make new friends and play around old ones. GMs helpful. Have fun!!

Autor: Admin 2/27/2019